Thursday, May 11, 2006


From the Beginning....My Very First Spanking

Since this is the beginning of my blog, I may as well start at the beginning.

I was born a middle-class white child.

Jump ahead to puberty. I discovered two things .... spanking, and, well, for now lets just say that I began a life-long fasination with ruining my eyesight, if you know what I mean. I was kind of a dorky kid, so I wasn't swarming with friends or surrounded by girls.

We lived in a fairly old suburban area near Detroit. There was an older couple who lived next door. They'd lived in the house for years, and their children were grown and off on their own. They had an old wooden shed in their back yard, and, since neither families had a fence, I had easy access to it. Since both of them worked, I'd often take the opportunity to slip into the shed to be alone. As a kid, I'd sit and fantasize about being a superhero or playing center field in the Major Leagues. As a teen, I'd fantasize about spanking and engage in my favorite self-pleasure.

When I went to college, the older couple moved away and a new couple moved in. They were young, childless, professional, and attractive. The lady of the house was especially attractive. We're talking hubba hubba attractive. The kind of attractive that would cause a 19-year-old male of the species, with just a glance at her, to begin erecting a camping shelter in the clothing below his waist.

I was home for the summer after my freshman year. Since both of them worked, I saw no reason to discontinue the use of the shed next-door. I'm sure that my gorgeous neighbor occupied my thoughts many times while I was practicing my hobby. It was a very pleasant way to while away a summer afternoon.

So picture this: here I am, a skinny, dorky 19-year-old kid with a 70's haircut. Sitting on the floor of an old shed, shirt off, with his pants around his knees and a firm grip on his member. Not a pretty picture, eh? Suddenly, one August afternoon, the shed door opens up and standing there in the bright sunlight, presented with the picture just described, is Neighbor Gorgeous. I'm not sure who was more scared ... her or me. While there was no way that I was hiding in her shed waiting to attack her, considering the state of my clothing, she was nonetheless quite shocked to see me as I was. My first instinct was to bolt the hell out of there. However, with the state of my trousers as well as the state of a certain body part, that proved to be not as simple as it seemed. So the next logical thing for me to do was to stutter incoherently, which I did quite well, I must say.

Neighbor Gorgeous recovered her wits first. "What the fuck are you doing in my shed!" she exclaimed. Since I was so good at it, I continued to stutter. She turned her back to me. "Stand up and pull your pants up!" she ordered. Since this seemed like a logical request, I complied.

"Are you finally decent?" she asked. I sputtered my ascent. She turned around, started and then cut off about four sentences, and then finally said, exasperatedly, "What are we going to do about this?" I stopped stuttering, figuring that silence was probably the best response at this point.

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nice job hon!!! i'll be backkk :) And i'll return the link. xoxo
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