Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Memeing Into The Forties

41.Would you rather be humiliated or respected during your spanking?
I initially thought that this was another question where the two options were too far apart to make a clear choice. Then I looked up the term respect in the dictionary. When used as a verb, as in this case, the word "respect" has several meanings. It can mean to hold in esteem or honor, or it can mean to show regard or consideration for. I don't think these definitions really apply to one that you are spanking.

However, respect can also mean to relate or have reference to. Let's see ... I like to be spanked and Angela respects that. Okay, that works for me.

Besides, we're just not into humiliation. I don't want to be humiliated or belittled when I am spanked. I just want to get spanked, and then I want to get laid. Angela is happy to indulge both of those desires.

That is something I can respect.

42.Would you rather spanking become part of a bigger BDSM alternative lifestyle or spanking just be spanking for spanking sake?
Angela and I am entirely too old, too suburban, too boring, and too old for any kind of alternative lifestyle. I'm so set in my ways, I don't even like staying up past my bedtime. We're spankos, and that is enough for us.

43.Would you rather be filmed during a spanking to share your exhibitionist naughtiness or are you too modest to show your bum to the world?
I find this question confusing for several reasons. First, I highly doubt that there are very many people who "film" their spankings these days. Some possibly video tape themselves, but I'm sure that most spanking videographers these days use digital cameras. Second, it seems to me that this is in fact two separate questions. I have no objections to "show(ing) my bum to the world." It is, after all, just a bum. There is nothing especially indecent about a bum. However, I would not wish to record any spankings for posterior ... er ... posterity.

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