Sunday, August 13, 2006



Ah, the return of normalcy is such a wonderful thing. The air conditioning works, the in-laws have concluded their visit, the temperatures have fallen from blast furnace range to something much more pleasant, Maribel returns to university next weekend, and school starts for Colette shortly after that. At last, I am able to return to my writing. Or dear blog, I have missed you!

Speaking of my eldest daughter, I thought that it was time that I provided a more significant introduction to the fine Maribel. She will be twenty years of age before the month is out. She attends one of our excellent state institutions of higher learning, although not the BIG state college. She is very intelligent (she gets that from me) as she graduated high school in the top ten on her class. She is also very athletic (she gets that from her mother), as she played soccer and basketball in high school and excelled at both. Maribel is also quite beautiful, or so say the gaggle of male hangers-on who seem to trail after her like pigeons after a man with a hole in his popcorn bag. As her father, naturally, I’d consider her fabulously gorgeous no matter what she looked like.

Maribel is quite friendly, never lacking for people with which to socialize, or, as she prefers to say, “party.” She is also very persuasive, as her collection of dolls, bears, clothes, and electronic toys (all paid for by her parents) attests to. But, then again, how can one say no to ones lovely daughter, especially when her mother shares the same interests?

My daughter has a male companion, or a “boyfriend” as he is commonly referred to. Roger, as he is called, is a baseball player at the university that Maribel attends. That makes him an instant winner in her father’s book, since he is quite the avid baseball fan. Roger is a gentleman and a scholar, which also endears him to Maribel’s parents. He has great reverence for my daughter. They are not, however, entirely chaste. I do not care to go into details about my daughter love life because having your baby girl being sexually active scares the proverbial living shit out of her father. I can only say that they have, at least a few times, engaged in pleasures of the flesh. Angela knows more about this than I, and insists that they are behaving responsibly. Were this not so, I would be less impressed with the young man.

I know, too, that he also spanks her, but that is a story for another time.

Actually, I need not fear that Roger will attempt to take advantage of my daughter, as she is very assertive. And when it comes to how her male suitors treat her, she is VERY assertive. For example, on the night of her junior high school prom she returned somewhat earlier than expected with a small bruise on her forehead. When queried about the contusion, Maribel explained that her date attempted to perform some very un-gentlemanly acts upon her. They had driven to an all-night drive-in theatre in our town, and were snuggling comfortably while watching the flick. He first tried to kiss her when she was not prepared, and she told him, in no uncertain terms, that she did not care for that type of advance. When he persisted, she explained that, should he continue, the night would have a very unsatisfactory conclusion.

When he began to reach for her breasts, she head-butted him in the face, breaking his nose.

In considerable pain, the young man tumbled out of the car in search of some towels to staunch the blood flowing freely from his nose. When he was out of the car, Maribel slid to the driver’s seat and, since the boy had left his keys in the car, locked the doors, started the engine, and proceeded to drive home, stranding him at the drive-in.

While the story seemed to me to be somewhat, well, fantastic, the account was verified by some of Maribel's friends as well as by her sister.

I was certainly appalled at the nights events, but I admired the way that she had handled the situation. She remained calm and in control, and dealt with the miscreant decisively. She proved to be a true Spakowiak. Which, to me at least, is indeed fantastic.


I really enjoy your blog.

Do your kids know that Angela and you are into spanking?

If so, how did they find out and what was their reaction?

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