Sunday, March 30, 2008


We're Still Here

The good news is that the Spanko family is still in Kearney, Nebraska.

The bad news is that we are still in Kearney, Nebraska.

It’s not that Kearney is not an exciting. It’s not, but the area where we live is not exactly a cultural mecca. But the last two days were just so darn exciting that today seems like it is boring beyond belief. The University of Nebraska at Kearney and NCAA have been very nice to us. But it’s time to play already.

If you’ve correctly interpreted my foreshadowing, you already figured out that Maribel and her basketball team won their first two games and have secured a spot in the finals. After the energy of last night’s game, I was awake until almost 4 am talking basketball with whomever would converse with me. When we had out-talked everyone else, Bernie and I found ourselves watching film of Monday’s opponent with Coach E. and one of her assistants.

The first game was surprisingly easy for Maribel’s team. They hit their first seven shots, four of which were three-pointers, and had a 13 point lead before the game was five minutes old. The other team played valiantly. They pushed the tempo and were able to get themselves a lot of easy shots. But they had no answer for Maribel. She had 19 first-half points, including 9 of 10 from the free-throw line. The other team got within six points twice, the second time with about 9 minutes left, but no closer, and Maribel’s team gradually pulled away, winning 97 to 81. Maribel finished with 28 points, fifteen rebounds, and six assists.

In the second game, they had a rematch against the team that knocked them out of the tournament last year. They have a center who is six-foot-five with the nickname “Lady Shaq.” I asked Maribel on Friday morning if she was concerned about playing this big girl again, and she responded, “If she was really that good, she wouldn’t be playing in division II.” I didn’t mention that Maribel also played in DII, but I had been told more than once during the season that Maribel was playing at a Division I level.

The game was closer than the previous night. Maribel was harassed and bullied by Lady Shaq and several other opponents. However, my daughter kept her cool and found open teammates. She had seven first half points, but also had five assists, and her team lead 29-26 at the intermission. In the second half, Maribel moved away from the basket. If Lady Shaq didn’t come with her, she’d shoot over shorter opponents. If she did, Maribel would pass to teammates cutting toward the basket. The key sequence of the game came with about 7 minutes to go and Maribel’s team trailing by one point. Maribel stepped out and made a three-pointer. She them stripped the ball from Lady Shaq, which lead to a three-pointer by co-captain Amber. The next two possessions also saw three-pointers, one by Amber and one by freshman Kammi Kominski. It was a 12 to 2 run, and suddenly Maribel’s team lead by nine with just over five minutes left. Maribel’s team then played lock-down defense and made most of the free-throws, and finished with a 70-60 victory and a birth in the championship game. Maribel had nineteen points, seven assists, 10 rebounds, and four steals.

So today was spent nervously waiting for tomorrow. The game will be televised on ISPN2 (ISPN being the Imaginary Sports Programming Network), which is doubly exciting. Maribel said that she arose at 7 am this morning, and didn’t take a nap, because she wanted to be so tired tonight that she’s fall asleep. She probably won’t. To burn off nervous energy, after watching Maribel practice, we went bowling, then we played pinball for two hours. Now we’re just waiting.

So tomorrow Maribel could be on the best Division II basketball team in the country. I could be a champion’s father. I will be so proud, but I’m already so proud. But seeing her win it all, that would be really, really …. groovy. Still holding onto that “F” word until tomorrow.

By the way, Angela did find a way to spank me today, and it was a dandy spanking. Now, that, indeed, was fantastic.

Friday, March 28, 2008


The Spankos In Nebraska

Just a quick update from here in Kearney. Kearney is not a very large city, with about 22,000 residents, about a quarter of which are student at the University Of Nebraska-Kearney, where the tournament finals are being played. Maribel’s university was kind enough to arrange transport for the families of the players. We flew into Omaha, and then took a very comfortable bus to Kearney. Maribel’s team plays the first game of the session, today at about 1 pm local time. When they win (note that I say “when” and not “if”), they’ll play tomorrow at 4 pm. The finals are Monday at 8 pm.

I need to correct a statement that I made in an earlier post. I had said that there is no national television for the women’s DII Tournament. Maribel and Coach E. both informed me that ISPN (the Imaginary Sports Programming Network) will broadcast the semi-finals and the finals on one of their sister networks. So if your cable system gets ISPNU, you can see Maribel play tomorrow (again, note that I don’t say “you might see”; I’m that confident that Maribel’s team will win today). If not, the finals will be on ISPN2 Monday evening.

Angela dropped a surprise on me during the trip here. She told me that, if Maribel’s team makes the finals, there will be an off day on Sunday. She informed me that I will be getting a spanking on Sunday. So should we be in Kearney that day, she will find a good, private place at which to lower my trousers and redden my tushy. This is Nebraska, so there are always lots of corn fields to hide in, although the corn is not yet in the ground so the fields are all bare. But I will leave the arrangements to my darling wife. It will be a little chilly here this weekend, so it will be nice to have a warm bottom to counteract that.

I will try to post the results of today’s contest this evening or tomorrow morning. But it is now time to go root for my hoop star daughter!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Off To Nebraska

For those of you who follow this little collection of vignettes on a regular basis, the title of this entry should be a clue as to what news I am about to impart. For those of you who don’t, I’ll spare you from reading past posts and briefly summarize for you.

My eldest daughter, Maribel, plays college basketball at the NCAA Division II level. Her team is one of the 64 that are privileged to participate in their season-ending tournament. They won their first two games. By winning their third-round contest, they would get to play in the DII “Elite Eight” tournament in Kearney, Nebraska, to determine the overall championship.

From the above clues, you should now be able to deduce the result of that third game.

And, in the end, the outcome was really never in doubt. Maribel’s team won, 87-70.

The game was close at the beginning. Maribel’s team actually trailed, 20 to 17 ten minutes into the half. But Maribel blocked a shot that led to a lay-up, Amber made a steal that led to another lay-up, Maribel scored after the other team missed, and Amber hit a three-pointer on their next possession, and suddenly they were up by 6. They led, 35 to 30, at halftime.

When they came out at the end of the halftime intermission, Maribel’s team seemed comfortable and loose. They were smiling and joking as they ran some lay-ups. They were having fun. In contrast, the other team looked tight, nervous. They did not come out until just a couple of minutes before the second half started. When Amber made the first shot of the half, a three pointer, the other team seemed to deflate. The lead quickly grew to double-digits.

The other team had enough good shooters that they were able to stay within reach of Maribel’s team, but you could feel that Maribel and her mates were not concerned. The other team got within six points at one point, but Maribel hit two shots, and they added two three pointers. Suddenly the lead was sixteen. It would grow to twenty as the game drew to a close. The other team resorted to running down and throwing up three pointers as fast as they could, most of which missed badly. Maribel’s team turned the rebounds into either lay-ups or possessions where they could run 25 to 30 seconds off of the clock.

With just over two minutes to go, Maribel’s team was leading 87 to 64. The game was basically over, and the celebrations were beginning. Amber stole the ball from an opponent as she tried to shoot, and Maribel went charging towards her basket. Amber lobbed her the ball, Maribel grabbed it, and there was no one within fifteen feet of her. She headed for the basket, and attempted to accomplish something that has never before occurred in a Division II women’s basketball game: She tried to dunk the ball.

Now, Maribel is a pretty good jumper. But she’s not that good. She ended up pinning the ball against the rim, which caused her to lose her balance and come down on her fanny. Despite the score, even the other team was laughing at her. Coach E. was afraid that Maribel was hurt, but I knew she wasn’t. Maribel is a Spanko, and Spanko’s have tough fannies. To make matters worse, Maribel was called for traveling, so the basket would not have counted had it gone in. Coach E. took the opportunity to take out her starters so that everyone on the team could have a chance to play. The other team hit a couple of three-pointers in the waning moments of the game, thus the final score of 87 to 70.

Maribel had 22 points, 12 rebounds, and five assists. She dominated the paint, which allowed the outside shooters more room to shoot. As a result, the team was 12 of 22 from the three-point arc. Maribel was named MOP (most outstanding player) of the region.

So now we head for Kearney. This will be the first visit to the Elite Eight for Maribel’s school. We will meet them there tomorrow. The first two rounds are Friday and Saturday, and the finals will be Monday. I fully intend to see the final game. I just hope that Maribel plays in it. That would be just … peachy.

It they win, that will be fantastic.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Frank Brings You The Sports

As promised, I would like to provide an update as to the progress of Maribel’s team in the Championship Tournament.

Her team was rewarded with a number 2 seed in her region. Since all number 1 and 2 seeds get to host the first weekend of the tournament, the first three games are played at Maribel’s school. There were three games on Thursday. The first two games did not involve Maribel’s team, and the attendance for those games was about 500 people per game. For Maribel’s game, the gym was packed (it seats about 4,000).

Maribel and her mates won the first game, 80 to 39. Maribel had 18 points and 14 rebounds, and did not play the last seven minutes of the game. The second game, on Friday, was against a much better team. Maribel’s team won, 86 to 60. Maribel had 30 points. It helped that she was five inches taller than the tallest player on the other team.

Today was an off day. We spent the day watching the Men’s and Women’s Division I tournaments on television, and watching Maribel’s team practice. They looked crisp and confident. They reached this game last year, and lost a close one. This year, they are determined to make the trip to Kearney, Nebraska, to play on the final weekend. I’ve watched their upcoming opponent, and they are quite good, but they don’t have anyone who can shoot like Maribel’s co-captain, Amber, and they don’t have a post player as good as Maribel.

There are probably a lot of places to visit in March that are more fun than Kearney, Nebraska. However, there will be no place that I’d rather be. We are all unbearably excited. I doubt that anyone in our family will get much sleep tonight. It would be nice to get a spanking from Angela to help relieve the stress, but, alas, Colette is staying in the same room as we are, so that will be possible. But tomorrow will be here soon, and then we will know if we are Nebraska bound.

I’m not a superstitious person, but I’m going to refrain from using the term “fantastic” until the championship in hopes of bringing them luck.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Am I A Bad Dad?

While awaiting Maribel’s first tournament game, I’d like to relate to you a story that I alluded to in my last post. This has been a dream season for Maribel, one that most people, like her proud but sometimes jealous father, only have in their active fantasy life (imagine an imaginary spanko having a fantasy life). However, due to some poor judgment, Maribel almost was not allowed to play this year.

Our story starts on a Saturday morning just before Maribel’s university began classes for the fall semester. I received a phone call as I was reading the paper and enjoying a nice cup of Keemun tea. I picked up the phone and, before I could even say hello, I heard Maribel screaming, “Daddy! I got KICKED OFF THE BASKETBALL TEAM!”

Once I got Maribel calmed down, I called Angela over, put Maribel on a speakerphone in my office, and ascertained the details. Apparently, the previous evening, Maribel and several teammates, as well as a few of their friends, had paid a visit to a local pizza and beer establishment that was popular with campus students, professors, and administrators. They did not stay late, and they did not behave untoward, but they did consume plenty of beer. Unfortunately, a couple of the players, and a some of their friends, were under the established drinking age, and it was clear that Maribel was facilitating the beverage purchases.

Word of this got back to Maribel’s coach. Her coach is a fine woman, but is insistent that her rules be followed. She summoned Maribel and the other over-21 players that attended the party, and told them, that they had been suspended indefinitely from the team until the coach had a chance to consider the overall consequences of the situation. Maribel began to plead her case, but her coach was not to be swayed.

Now, Maribel is a fine, mature, considerate, intelligent, talented young woman. However, she also inherited from her mother and father a volcanic temper. She is difficult to anger, but when she blows, it is best for all within several square miles to take cover.

Maribel screamed, She hollered. She flailed her arms. And, when she at last left her coaches office, she knocked over two chairs and a shelf. Needless to say, her coach was not inclined to change her mind after Maribel’s performance.

I wanted to make sure that Maribel did not destroy any more furniture, so I climbed into my car and made the 150-mile drive to her school. Before finding my recalcitrant daughter, though, I first went to visit her coach. I found Coach E., as she is affectionately known, still in her office. She was not happy. I told her that I was not there to get Maribel reinstated, but to instead to find out the coach’s point-of-view and to talk with my eldest.

Coach E. and I talked for a while. In Maribel’s four years at the school, she and I have become friends. She is an excellent and knowledgeable coach, and I am a dedicated fan of basketball and whatever team Maribel plays for. I completely understood Coach E.’s viewpoint. I also know Maribel, though, and I was afraid that if she was not allowed to play during her senior year, it would have a drastic and unfavorable effect on her life.

I did not try to change Coach E.’s mind. But at the end of our talk, I asked her, “Do you trust me?”

“Well,” she responded, confused. “Yes, I guess, Why do you ask?”

“I have a proposal for you. Maribel is my daughter, and, more than anyone else, she is accountable to her mother and me. I’m going over now to talk to her, to discuss the situation with her. With your permission, I’d like the sole authority to deal with this matter.”

Coach E. was somewhat skeptical. “How do you plan to deal with it?” she asked.

“Here is where I need you to trust me. I’d prefer that I can deal with this as a family matter, between Maribel and myself. It is very important to me, as it is to you, that Maribel understand what she did wrong and why, and that she take responsibility for her actions. As her father, I think that her mother and I can best determine when she does. If she does not, she does not deserve to play.

“Give me a few days, and I will call you. If I tell you that the matter is dealt with, then I’m asking you to reinstate Maribel and her teammates with no further questions. If you feel that she needs to be accountable to her team, I understand that, but you need not discuss that with me. If, however, I feel that Maribel has not been properly humbled, then I will defer to you and you may take whatever discipline that you feel is appropriate. If that means that she can no longer play basketball, so be it.”

Coach E. thought for a long time. At last she looked at me and said, “Okay. I trust you. If you say that the situation is resolved, it is resolved.”

Coach E. and I chatted for a few more minutes, and then I went in search of my daughter. I found her on the basketball court behind her residence hall, shooting around with her boyfriend. Maribel was not so much shooting as cussing, using some terms that even I, in my imaginary worldliness, have never heard.

Maribel and I talked for a bit, and then I sent her up to her room. I then went to talk to the boyfriend.

“Son,” I said, as, to this day, I cannot remember his name, “I’d like you to take care of the situation, please. Do you understand what I am saying?”

The boyfriend somberly looked me in the eye. “Yes, sir, I do,” was all he said. I think it is so cute that he calls me “sir.” However, he knows that I know that he’s sleeping with my daughter, and if he wants to keep the appendage that allows him to do that it is best that he gives me the appropriate amount of respect.

The two of us went up to Maribel’s room, and found her there, stewing. I told her to concentrate on her classes and work the anger out of her system, and that I would talk to her coach in a few days. Then I bid her farewell, got back into my car, and drove back home.

Two days later, the boyfriend called me. “It’s been taken care of,” he told me.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, sir, I’m positive.”

The next morning, I called Coach E. “The situation has been dealt with to my satisfaction,” I told her.

“Thank-you, Frank,” she answered. “I might let Maribel twist for a couple of more days, but she’s back on the team.”

So what transpired between Maribel and her boyfriend that that convinced me that Maribel had learned her lesson and was fit to resume her spot on the basketball team? The truth is that I do not know.

However, I have a pretty strong suspicion.

I suspect that Maribel’s boyfriend gave her a good, long, hard, painful spanking on her bare butt with a hairbrush or paddle, or perhaps with his belt.

I know, and I have previously communicated to you, that Maribel is a spanko, like her parents. In addition, I have previously sensed that there is some unspoken communication that occurs between the boyfriend and myself. When I told him to “take care of the situation,” that was spanko code that I was leaving it to his discretion whether Maribel needed a spanking, and, if so, how and when to deliver it. I could tell by the look in his eye and the tone of his voice that he had received the message. When he called to inform me that the situation had been dealt with, I could tell that Maribel had been appropriately chastised, and the matter could now be put into the past.

Does it make me a bad father to ask my boyfriend-in-law, no matter how indirectly, to give my daughter a spanking. I’ll let others be the judge. Perhaps in a different family. However, we are Spankos. I would not consider a similar chastisement for my younger daughter. I would not suggest it for anyone else on her team. But knowing Maribel as I do, I thought that this was the best way to get everyone concerned to move forward.

Maribel was reinstated. Coach E. made no further mention of the incident, although the miscreant players, including Maribel, did have to pick up towels and chase down errant balls in practice for a few days. The season has gone well. Maribel has played fabulously. And there has been no further trouble. It appears that everything has turned out satisfactorily.

You probably thought I was going to say fantastic. I’ll save that for when they win the championship.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's Time For Hoops

Spring is in the air. The snow has melted (almost), the flowers are beginning to reappear, the tree buds are evident, and basketball season is reaching its peak. For those of you who follow college basketball as fervently as I, you’ll know that the next three weeks will be stuffed with games that all have great import.

To make things more exciting at the Spanko household, Maribel, my eldest daughter, and her college basketball team begin their championship run this weekend. Her team won 16 games in conference this year, and finished in first place, so they have an excellent change of making a long run. They started the task this by winning their conference tournament. They had a difficult semi-final contest on Friday, winning by six points. Saturday, they played the second place team. They started slowly, but a flurry of points about half-way through the first half sent them on their way to a twenty-four point win. Maribel had thirty points and 14 rebounds, and received a standing ovation when she left the floor. She was also voted co-MVP of the tournament, along with her teammate and co-captain, Amber.

Following the conference contest is the NCAA Division II tournament, also known as the (Not So) Big Dance. Since it’s DII, and the ladies, there will be no national television or domed stadiums. Nonetheless, winning that is still a great accomplishment. The DII tournament is different from the one for the big schools. It is played over two weekends, not three. Sixty-four teams are chosen, and they play three rounds on the first weekend to reduce the field to eight. The following weekend, the Elite Eight, as they are called, travel to Kearney, Nebraska for the final three rounds. Although it is not always a good idea to count ones farm fowl before they hatch, we have already booked our hotel reservations in Kearney.

Maribel finished the regular season as her conference’s leading rebounder, and second leading scorer. They won most of their games by 10 points or more, including their first win in university history over a Division I school (although, sadly, not against the Big State University). It was also the first time they have won their conference tournament (they finished second last year).

So there will be lots of traveling and basketball coming up. During the down times, of course, I will be avidly watching the men’s DI college basketball playoffs, which is always a fan’s nirvana. I will be sure to keep you all up-to-date as to the results of Maribel’s games. I might even slip in a few spanking references here and there, although there may not be much spanking. And to think that Maribel was almost not allowed to play this season. But that is a story for another day.

My daughter, a champion. That would definitely be fantastic.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Weekend Recap Weekend

I’m composing this missive while sitting at the student union of the school where Maribel and her basketball team will play their final game of the regular season in about an hour. We met Maribel here last night, and she was rather emotional. After today, her team will play in their conference tournament, then the NCAA Division II tournament, and then her college basketball career will be over. Her team is very good, and she is very excited about the prospect of winning her conference and the DII championship. She is also scared of the possibility that, after playing so well this season, that they could run up against a better team and not win a championship. Finally, she is sad that, in less than a month, she will no longer be a student and basketball player, which has in essence defined her life for the past ten years.

However, I am not writing today to analyze my daughter’s life. I thought I’d present a recap of last weekend, since I had earlier presented that plan that Angela created while our youngest daughter was visiting her sister. I will not repeat the agenda here since you can simply scroll down and view the plan for yourself. I will, though, deliver a narrative summarizing our activities.

I rose from slumber on time, showered, and returned to the boudoir to find Angela pretending to still be asleep. She was laying on her stomach, so I gently pulled back the blanket, slowly ran my hands from her shoulders down to her hips. I then proceeded to rub her spectacular bottom, evincing some soft moans. My hands wandered to her thighs, found the more crucial area, and made her moans louder. It was indeed a good thing that the children were not at home or they may have thought that Angela was in considerable distress.

Afterwards, I donned a warm sweatshirt, but no sweatpants, and went and made omelets and sweet rolls for breakfast. We ate leisurely, then advanced to the morning spankings, right on schedule. Frank’s punishment did not involve tying me up, but Angela did insert a well-lubricated gel plug snugly into my rectum. The remainder of my punishment had me cleaning the kitchen, still sans pants, whilst Angela supervised. If I did not do something to her standards (and I hate cleaning), I was given s few firm swats with one of our smaller, wooden paddles.

It was at this point that we diverged from the agenda. Since the “punishment” involved cleaning, we temporarily bypassed Angela’s grand relaxation and progressed directly to the naked cleaning, except that, since it was a cold day and it is hard to properly heat a big, old, converted barn, we decided that to wear warm top coverings, but no pants. Thus we engaged in half-naked cleaning. We really didn’t clean, we just folded some laundry, put some more in the washer, and changed the sheets. I took care of Colette’s bedroom, and Angela did ours. After stopping in the laundry room, I returned to our bedroom only to find that Angela was now naked and ready for her orgasm. This time, Frank got one, too.

Nap time followed, since we were both worn out. Hey, cleaning is hard work! Angela made lunch, a nice pasta salad with some leftover chicken. I cleaned up, and Angela retrieved a leather strap. I turned up the fire in the living room, and the afternoon spankings were delivered there. It was very pleasant to be spanked in front of the fireplace, so that we were able to keep the rest of us warm whilst having our bottoms warmed. Afterwards, Angela gathered up several handy spanking implements while I determined the best basketball viewing for the afternoon. We spent the remainder if the afternoon playing Spanko Basketball, eating junk food, and dozing. As evening fell, Angela decided that I had lost the Spanko Basketball game because my butt was redder than hers, so she fetched the big paddle. I was then given the Second Afternoon Spanking (which was really in the evening), a nice, long, paddling.

We figured it was too late to wait for dinner to be delivered, so I ran out and picked up some sandwiches. For those of you who are wondering, yes, I did put on pants. It was very cold outside. When I returned, Angela had set up the living room so that we could sit on the sofa, snuggle up with blankets, and watch some TV while we ate. We cuddled, ate, and chatted until quite late in the evening, making use of the handy bottom-warming tools if one of us became cold.

Finally, Angela realized that we had wandered substantially from our schedule. We had missed our evening spanking as well as an orgasm for her. Angela wished to punish me for this failure, but I pointed out that staying on schedule was her job, since she had drawn up the agenda. She agreed that this was accurate, so I stood her up, bent her over, and paddled her considerably. I then made up for missing the orgasm. At last, we cleaned up the house and retired to bed, where we made love properly, and with no spanking. Okay, you caught me. There was a little spanking. Well, it was a cold day.

The next day, Maribel won her game, Colette did not embarrass herself as ball girl (she said later that it was sooooooo much fun!), and we celebrated with the parents of the other seniors, the other players, coaches, and some university bigwigs. We left Maribel in good spirits and made the long drive home

It was a day of spanking, followed by a day with my daughter and her basketball team. I have decided that the weekend was practically perfect. No? Of course, my mistake. I should have said that the weekend was practically fantastic.

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