Saturday, May 31, 2008


The Spanko Mind is an Odd Thing

Now, dear readers, I do not say this to imply that we spankos are, by definition, abnormal, defective, or otherwise especially deviant as compared to the average non-spanko. Rather, I refer to the thought process that seems to pervade the Spakowiak family, including those who marry into it. This is perhaps an obvious statement to those of you who have followed my little web journal since its inception. Nonetheless, I think that it deserves some elaboration.

I find that my darling wife, Angela, and I seem to enjoy some things whilst in a “vanilla”, or non-spanking, mood, and yet find this same activities considerably less pleasurable when adding the spanking component. These are primarily intimate, perhaps sexual, things. For example, we simple adore being naked and making love out of doors. The perfect scene would have us in the middle of a meadow or grassy field on a mild, sunny day, with a pleasant breeze blowing and the sun lending its warmth to our bare skin. I feel comfortable simply thinking about it.

Curiously, I do not particularly enjoy receiving a spanking in the scene just described. I don’t find a sunny, outdoor spanking distasteful or terribly unpleasant, I just don’t have any relish for it, any craving for it. It just feels kind of, well, blah.

Equally curiously, I have no desire to have sex in a small, dim, chilly, empty room. Yet I find it quite the thrill to engage in a spanking activity in that setting.

So why is it that I enjoy intercourse in the wide open, but prefer spankings in enclosed spaces?

Perhaps it is the general belief that making love is a reward, where as spanking is a punishment. Typically, one likes their rewards to be known to all, but their punishments to be kept private.
Perhaps it is a subconscious concern of having the spanking overheard or discovered. Perhaps there is a thrill in keeping my little spanking proclivities hidden from the world in general. Perhaps it is because, since a spanking can be perceived as punishment, and since I am aroused by said punishment, being isolated and uncomfortable adds to the whole punishment feel. Perhaps it is because I have taken one too many blows to my imaginary head.

There are other examples that I could offer, but I believe that I have made my point. I am curious if others have this same characteristic? Do any of you, my esteemed and honored readers, have places where you enjoy being spanked (or giving a spanking for those of you who believe that it is better to give than to receive) but where you would not care to engage in sexual relations? Why do you think this might be so?

It would be quite fantastic to hear what you might have to say on this subject.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Learning Something About Myself

As I wander around the wonderful world of the spanking internet, reading the thoughts of many of you, I’ve found that, for the ladies, the preferred position in which to receive a spanking is the time-honored over-the-knee, or OTK, position. The reason most often stated is that it makes one feel “closer” to the person delivering the swats, and it feels more intimate. This sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

My imaginary wife, Angela, only partially shares this view. Her favorite position could probably be referred to as OTP, or over-the-pillows. She likes to make a large pile of cushions in the middle of the bed or a sofa, and lay over that, with her hips over the peak of the pile. This tends to point her lovely lobes upward, and giving her favorite spanker, me, full and unfettered access to them. As I abuse her butt, she will tuck her arms in under her chest, bury her head in a pillow, and moan and coo. She will also often grind her hips into the pillows in a effort to stimulate her nether regions.

I recently inquired of Angela as to why she prefers this particular position. I thought it might have something to do with being having her butt in the best position for the spanking to feel its best, or to allow her to get into a proper “head space.” Whilst she did mention these as secondary reasons, her main issue was one of comfort. “Your legs are too skinny and lumpy,” she said. “I’m always being poked by something, and I’m afraid that I might fall off of your lap!”

So there you have it. I have lumpy legs. I suppose that Angela did not marry me for my looks.

But, I ask you, what does an imaginary spanko look like?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Just What I Needed

As I had pointed out in my last entry, I have lately been rather in the doldrums. Working has become a chore, giving way to mindless hours of computer solitaire and napping. Even the start of baseball season has failed to capture my imagination. My moods have been one of general grumpiness, my responses usually unintelligable, one-syllable grunts.

Late last week, I was sitting and staring at my computer when Angela hobbled by. She politely inquired if all was well, and I responded with a resounding “Ugh.” Later, she brought me a cup of tea, to which I thanked her by way of a muttered “Ummm.” After leaving the tea, she asked if I was okay. I responded with an enthusiastic “Uh-huh.” Angela looked at me for a few moments longer, then walked away. I resumed staring.

Perhaps a quarter of an hour later, Angela reappeared at my door. Rather than hot tea, however, she was holding a nice, sturdy, wooden paddle. When I saw the paddle, I just sighed, as I did not think that I was in a spanking mood. My dear wife was not deterred.

“On your feet, buster,” she said. “You need this, and you know it.”

Grudgingly, I rose, rolled my chair out of the way, and assumed the position over my desk. As I was wearing my comfy sweat pants, Angela easily tugged them down below my knees. She took note that I had been too lazy that morning to bother donning underpants. Without further delay, Angela got right to the task at hand.

The paddling she gave me was hard, deliberate, and exquisitely painful. She paused only briefly between swats. After so many years, she knows how to make the pain just right. She initially had me squirming and tightly gripping the desk, but as I acclimated to the searing heat on my backside, I relaxed and gave in to it. After a goodly number of whacks, Angela’s back began to hurt, so she pulled over my chair and resumed paddling from a seated position, from which she is more than competent

It was exactly what I needed. When Angela finished, my butt was seriously roasted. There would be bruises, and it felt like she may have even paddled a bit of my skin off. I remained in position for a minute or so, to catch my breath and enjoy the sensation. Angela took the opportunity to warm her hands on my toasted tushie. Then she patted my butt and said, “Okay, mister, time to get back to work!”

I was actually cheerful and productive for the rest of the day. I decided that the best way to savor the feeling was to work the rest of the morning sans pants. An hour or so later, Angela came back to rub some skin lotion into my poor, punished posterior. She said that she didn’t want the skin to crack or callous, so that it would soft and smooth the next time I would be subject to the paddle.

Sometimes the easiest solution is the last one that we think of. A flower. A tasty meal. A good book or movie. Comfortable sex. They won’t cure all the ills of the world, or eliminate everything that might cause one stress. But they make one feel good, and help one to renew their strength so that they are more able to deal with life’s little challenges. My dear readers, we are spankos. A good spanking makes us feel good. My dear wife recognized that. So, despite her pain, she did for me a most wonderful thing. She gave me a good, hard spanking.

Nay, friends. She gave me a fantastic spanking!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Is This The End, My Friend?

My goodness, it has been a long time since I’ve visited my little corner of the internet. The reasons I’ve neglected this are many and varied, and mostly bullshit, so I shan’t bother to list them. Suffice to day, I’ve contracted a bit of the malady known as blog fatigue.

And yet, this doesn’t even really supply a good picture on how I’ve been feeling. The truth is, I’ve been feeling somewhat distressed lately, psychically. I am not enamored with my place of employment, which basically has me bouncing from project to project depending on which executive’s ego needs massaging at that time. Little seems to be getting finished, and what does is allowed to seriously lack in quality. My productivity has waned, but no one seems to
mind. My darling wife’s health seems to be gradually deteriorating. The discomfort in her back is increasing, making it more and more difficult for her to do much of anything. I’ve seen her face white with pain just from walking from the bedroom to the kitchen. Her weight continues to increase as she is able to get no exercise whatsoever. The doctor said that her back will hurt less if she loses weight, and suggested dieting and exercise. Angela responded that she is unable to exercise unless she receives relief to the pain in her back, which sounded extremely logical to me. Add to this a home improvement project that is not progressing well and the failing health of one of my parents, and Frank gets a little cranky.

What is worse, I have begun to question the healthiness of my interest in
spanking. I have been wondering if I’m spending too much time in thinking about spanking, reading spanking blogs, watching spanking videos. Am I spending too much time, shall we say, concentrating on my own spanko-sexual needs, and not thinking enough about Angela’s needs? She says that her libido drastically decreases with the increase in pain, but I still dwell on the thought.

Or perhaps was it simply the fact that, here in the beautiful midwestern United States, winter was just so fucking long, dark, cold, and gloomy, that has me in such glum spirits? After all, it is spring, the leaves have returned to the trees, and the sun actually shines for more than a few seconds a day. The weather has been mild, so the windows have been thrown open to allow in the fresh air. My spirits are perking up, if only a little.

The worst part was that I actually contemplated ending Fantastic Spanking. I didn’t seem to be interested in writing. Over the last three months or so, my posts have been infrequent and mostly about basketball. I was wondering if Fantastic Spanking had run its course.

And yet, I felt that I still had more to say. I have many more stories to tell, thoughts to share, questions to ask. As a computer professional, there are still technical things that I want to try here. I’m not ready to quit, at least not yet.

And so, there shall continue to be Fantastic Spanking in your future. The posts may be somewhat sporatic, but, fear not, they will come. Perhaps I shall try some different types of posts, some ways to involve the reader. Perhaps I shall challenge Angela, who is blissfully unaware of this blog, to invent some clever and unusual spanking activities, and then write about them. Perhaps I shall just ruminate some more. But there will be more. You’ll still have to put up with Ol’ Frank for at least a while longer, if you wish.

There is nothing else to say for now. It is my blog, and I shall blog if I wanna. It may not always be fantastic, but it will always be Fantastic Spanking.

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