Saturday, October 31, 2009


Not Scary, Just Meme

38.Would you rather your spanker be the person you wish to live the rest of your life with (i.e. marriage) or the person you can call on when your tushy tickles?
I appreciate that the writer of these questions was trying to do what his/her english teacher taught them in high school by using a variety of words to describe the same things, but "tushy tickles?"
Obviously, one of the reasons that Angela and I were joined in holy matrimony was that we both desired to live the rest of our lives with a person of like mind when it came to the subject of spanking. That desire hasn't changed.
When my "tushy tickles," I put some baby powder on it and it usually goes away.

39.Would you rather spanking be a part of love making or not a part of love making?
Is it truly possible that spanking could not be a part of making love? I can't even imagine that scenario, which is pretty difficult for an imaginary person, indeed.

40.Would you rather your spanker have total control over you when you are being spanked or do you still want to have some control while you are being spanked?
For me, this question is really a discussion on the matter of trust. Whilst I can see why someone who is new to the spanking, or may be newly acquainted with his or her spanker, may feel the need to retain a measure of control over the situation, when you have lived with someone who spanks you for 25 years, it is easy to turn control over to them. Even in my younger days, before I met Angela, when another lady was applying the wood to my rear, I wanted her to tell me what to do, to determine how I was to be punished, how hard, and for how long. I want my limits pushed. I want my spanker to feel free to be creative without having to be concerned that I might veto her choices.

Looking at the same question from a different angle, there is nothing like being able to turn your brain off and allow another entertain you. Just look at the popularily of television. Television is perhaps the least interactive activity in the history of mankind. This is true sexually, too (not the least interactive part, but the relaxing part). It's sometimes quite pleasant to be able to lay there and allow Angela to have her way with me, to do all of the work, if you will. So I'll let her decide on how I should be spanked, and I'll totally turn myself over to her.

Just ten more questions to go........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Back To The Business of Bottoms

Once again, I have been dragging my feet in continuing the spanking preferences meme, lurkers or no lurkers. For that, I should be spanked. However, since receiving a spanking will get me no closer to concluding this line of thought, I shall instead entertain and amaze you with more thoughtful responses to more interesting questions.

33. Would you rather be spanked by multiple people at one time or just by one person at one time?
From the standpoint of being a spankee, I'd really rather not be spanked by more than one person in a session. I may have felt differently in my younger days, but now I think that just one is fine.

Now, if the question were directed at the person on the other end of the paddle, as it were, my answer would probably be different. While almost nothing is finer than bending over my darling Angela, paddling her fleshy globes to an excellent shade of crimson, and then boinking her silly, I believe that having several lovely bare bottoms lined up, awaiting their punishment, would have to be the ultimate situation for any devotee of the spanking arts. Indeed, when it comes to pink posteriors, the phrase "the more, the merrier" would indeed apply.

34. Would you rather be spanked once a day or once every few months?
I'm a spanko. This one is a no-brainer. Spank me once a day and I'll always be a happy man.

35. Would you rather your spanker be deeply in tune or be totally unaffected to your experience as a spankee?
I found this question to be rather contrary to all reasonable expectations. To be frank (and I am), it does not seem possible to me that the person by whom I am being spanked could be completely unaffected by the affair. There must be some reason to be whaling away upon someone's poor buttocks. Be it release of stress, sexual pleasure, curiosity, an expression of one's anger or displeasure, or purely for sadistic purposes, the spanker is there for the reaction of the one being spanked. It is no more likely that the spanker can be totally unaffected by the experience of the spankee than it would be for the person being spanked to just lay there, completely unmoving, feeling no sensations at all. Perhaps the question would have been more plausible if it would have read "to appear to be unaffected by your experience as a spankee."

So, clearly, I would prefer that my spanker be in tune with my experience.

36. Would you rather a closer physical relationship or a closer emotional relationship with your spanker?
As I have repeatedly stated, Angela and I use spanking as foreplay. While having a close physical relationship may lead to a close emotional relationship, it takes more than sex, or spankings, for the emotional sides of two people to mesh. As a husband, as a lover, as a friend, as a long-time companion, I'm striving for a closer emotional relationship with Angela. As my spanker, though, my aim is for a closer physical relationship.

37. Would you rather your spanker ice your bottom down after a spanking or send you to the corner to display his/her accomplishment?
The thought of having my bottom iced down after a spanking makes me shiver, pun intended. A spanking is designed to make one's butt HOT. I like the HOT feeling. Ice would just make my butt feel less HOT. So, no ice, please. I'll gladly stand in the corner and proudly display by HOT bottom.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


To The Finest Blog Readers On The Internet

Today has once again been christened "Love Our Lurkers" day by perhaps the greatest and most famous spanking blogger in the long and colorful (but mostly red) history of spanking blogging, the lovely and talented Bonnie Burns of My Bottom Smarts.

So, for those of you who may have never left a word or two of comment here in my little corner of the internet, or even for those of you who have, today is your chance to say "hello" to yours truly, a humble imaginary spanko and blogger.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I shall endeavor to leave each of you a personal response, although it may take a day or two.

In the meantime, please allow me to offer to everyone who is participating in Love Our Lurkers day, both as bloggers and bloggees (if there is such a word), the Frank Spanko Seal of Approval.His favorite is meal is cold, raw fish, but he'll eat hot dogs, too.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


How Much Is Too Much?

32.Would you rather your spanker know your spanking history or is ignorance bliss?
I admit that I am an old guy. Some may prefer to use the term "experienced." However, "experienced" is entirely too vague. I am 50-ish, I've been married for 25 years, and I have two offspring, one of whom has graduated from university. I no longer can run, jump, or throw like I could when I was younger, and I'm usually in bed well before 11 pm, even on weekends. By my definition, I'm old.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

That being said, for me to detail my entire spanking history with someone would take rather a long time. By the time I was finished, neither of us would still be in the mood for spanking.

Further complicating the matter, my spanker is my treasured spouse, Angela. I really have no desire to be spanked by someone else. Angela is quite aware of my spanking history, especially since she comprises most of it.

Therefore, in order for me to properly answer this question, I must do it hypothetically, and I must make a couple of assumptions. Assumption one is that my spanker is not Angela. Assumption two is that, by "know your spanking history," I'm going to submit that the spanker has a general idea that I enjoy being spanked, but that I have not necessarily given them blow-by-blow (or spank-by-spank as the case may be) details.

Given these assumptions, my initial reaction would be that I might prefer that my spanker know my spanking history. Then I began to consider. Since, for me, spanking is usually a prelude to sex, I would have to assume that a spanking partner would likely also be a sexual partner. I would really not want to have a sex partner know a blow-by-blow (in this case, an apt phrase) history of my sexual past, all of my previous sex partners, things we did whilst having sex, etc. The only things that I'd wish to communicate to them are that they are not my first sex partner, whether or not they are currently my only sex partner, and that they won't catch anything from me. Those are also the only things that I would want to know about them.

I began to realize that I would feel similarly about a spanking partner. It's not really important that they know details about my spanking past. They only need to know that I fancy a spanking and that they are not the first person to spank me. Anything else only adds needless baggage.

Every relationship is different. Rather than assuming that one partner will be just like the next, or one will be completely different, I think that one should approach each relationship as a new beginning, a fresh start. Let the relationship grow naturally, comfortably. Don't try to force it into a direction that is was not meant to go. Knowing too much about a person's past can lead to comparisons and assumptions that will not necessarily be helpful to happiness. Avoiding too many details may help the relationship get beyond pre-conceived notions and take on a life unto itself.

Therefore, upon further review, my answer would be that ignorance is my preference over a spanker knowing my spanking history. Ignorance may not necessarily be bliss, but it may lead to a more blissful spanking.

That is, as long as I don't catch anything.

Monday, October 05, 2009


On Power And Limits

I apologize for the delay in the resumption of my answers to the spanking preferences meme. Angela and I took an impromptu driving trip and were away for several days. Henceforth, I shall endeavor to finish the meme with regular posts.

30.Would you rather be forced into a spanking or willingly submit into a spanking?
If by forced, the question means physically grabbed and held down, then my answer is that I would rather willingly submit. For adults in a spanko-sexual relationship, the submission if a significant part of the fun. Additionally, Angela and I are not into exerting physical power over each other.

31.Would you rather have a safe word or be pushed beyond your preconceived limits?
This is a very difficult question for me. Clearly, I like to have my limits pushed. Angela knows my limits quite well, and she knows how and to what extent to push them. I think for someone in a longer-term spanking relationship, this is probably the case. In fact, Angela and I have never employed a safe word. We have always known each other well enough to know when "Stop" means keep going and when "Stop" means STOP! I have written about this in the past.

Furthermore, Angela is, for a lady, quite tall and quite strong, and I am certainly no milquetoast. If either of us felt that we were being spanked beyond our limits and the other did not agree, we would be able to free ourselves rather easily. Even when we employ some form of restraints, they are usually not so sturdy that they could not be broken out of should we wish to do so.

However, for a more petite person, being spanked by someone much stronger, a safe word seems quite necessary, especially if the two people are not well acquainted. If some likes crying or loud screams, a spanker may not have a clear understanding of when someone has been pushed beyond their tolerance. Further, if the pain becomes too intense, the excitement or pleasure of the ordeal may be overtaken by something much more akin to panic or stark fear. These are the kinds of emotions that are not easily shaken off. Indeed, someone pushed beyond their limits can experience panic attacks, nightmares, may pull back when relationships begin to get close, or may suffer depression. So safe words need to be agreed upon and employed so that there is no misunderstanding between the spanker and spankee that could lead serious problems.

For me, I want to push MYSELF beyond my limits. I don't want my spanker to do that. So, upon reflection, and even though Angela and I have never formally agreed upon one, I would want a safe word, or at least an understanding of when I am in true distress.

Indeed, although we have never formally agreed to one, I have a very clear safe word, or in my case a safe phrase, and I have employed it on the rare occasion. It is not a phrase that I normally use when enjoying a spanking. When I issue forth this utterance, Angela knows to pause and check with me to see if I wish to continue and to stop if that is my wish.

My phrase is,

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