Sunday, August 30, 2009


Memeing Implements

Questions 5, 6, and 7 of the spanking preferences meme deal with spanking implements. I shall answer them each briefly and then elaborate afterwards.

5. Would you rather be spanked by hand or by hairbrush?
I don't care for hand spankings. I prefer a good, solid sting, thus I'd prefer to be spanked by a hairbrush.

6. Would you rather be spanked by belt or by cane?
Canes make me nervous. To me, they don't have the right "hurt." I'm also afraid of a cane causing damage to the flesh. I much prefer the sound and feel of a belt.

7. Would you rather be spanked by paddle or riding crop?
Interesting things can be done with a riding crop, but, again, I love the pain so my solid choice were would be a paddle, preferably a wooden paddle.

I'm going to add a related question so that I can more clearly explain my choices.

7a. Would you prefer to be spanked by a strap or a switch?
Switches can be fun in an outdoor situation, and they leave a nice lingering sting. However, I prefer a strap because it covers much more area and is much more satisfyingly painful. A properly maintained strap can be swung quite hard, and it also lands with a nice, loud snap, adding to the sensory experience of the spanking.

As you'll note, my preferences run to the long, flat, sturdier, more painful implements.

So now I've identified my four favorite implements. Let's see what happens if we take this a little further. In bracket fashion, I'll compare these four to each other.

Would you prefer to be spanked by a hairbrush or a belt?
While a belt can be pleasantly painful, if not used properly it can either be less than satisfying, or it can strike places that I do not wish to have spanked. A hairbrush does not have that problem. It lands where it is aimed, and it always hurts. It emits a pleasing smack when it lands, and can be used fast or slow. A hairbrush is a wonderful spanking implement.

Would you rather be spanked by a strap or a paddle?
Straps are fine, and I believe are easier to wield than a belt. Straps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But nothing lights up a tail quite like a wooden paddle.

It is now time to determine the winner. For all the marbles.......

Would you rather be spanked by a hairbrush or a paddle?
I do enjoy a nice, long hairbrush spanking. It lights an excellent fire on one's behind, and a good spanker makes sure they land blows on the entire surface of the derrière. The one thing, though, that works against the hairbrush is position ... the best position for a hairbrush spanking is over the spanker's knee, which is not my favorite position. I prefer to either be laying down when I am spanked, or, most preferably, bending over. Bending over makes the bottom a perfect target for a paddle, especially a rectangular, wooden paddle, sometimes known as a fraternity paddle. This entire scenario is, to me, the singular spanking experience. By bending over, the spankee is submitting to the spanking, as opposed to something like an OTK position, which can allow the spanker to restrain the spankee somewhat. To me, part of the pleasure of a spanking is convincing oneself to remain in position and endure the punishment, despite the pain and discomfort. The paddle then covers more of the target area, thus inflicting the most damage. It also lands with the most satisfying CRACK. A paddle does not wrap around the toches and hit more tender areas, so it is easy to control. The only danger with a paddle is hitting one's tailbone, which can be easily avoided by the spanker by reducing the arm backswing and instead use a snapping action with ones wrist. A paddle also is very effective when one does not have a spanking parter and wishes to spank oneself.

For Angela and me, by far the most positive attribute of a paddle is the amount of sting that is inflicted. Because a paddle is solid, typically has a long and wide spanking surface, and a handle, it can land with considerable velocity and covers considerable area of one's backside. Further, the intensity of the discomfort tends to increase exponentially as more swats land, sort of like having pain piled upon pain. A long paddling session leaves a delicious soreness that fades only slowly, allowing one to enjoy the benefits of the spanking for longer than other implements. A paddle will not cut or slice the flesh, although it can cause bruising. Any blood drawn is typically caused by friction on the skin, from the capillaries that may reside under the first couple of layers of skin. Finally, a paddle leaves the bottom a most satisfying shade of dark red.

So the winner and champion of the implement contest at the Spanko household is a wooden paddle. Angela and I have an impressive collections of wooden paddles of all shapes, sized, and weights. We have a few leather and plastic ones, too, but it is the wooden ones that get the most use. While I am all for saving trees, when it comes to being spanked, give me a paddle and make it wood.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Meme Miscellany

I think today that I will answer several questions, and I am going to take them out of order somewhat, as there are a set of questions between these that are related, and I prefer to to address them in a single post.

3.Would you rather fantasize about spanking or actually be spanked?
In my humble opinion, in order to be a true spanko, one must truly wish to be spanked. I'll make special dispensation for those who have a considerable appreciation for the spanking arts but whose preference is to be the one wielding the paddle, but I think in order to fully appreciate the experience, you must want to know what it feels like to feel the sting on one's seat. One can be a spanko at a time when they are not currently receiving regular swats, provided that the longing is there.

So my strong preference is to actually be spanked rather than to just fantasize about it. This might seem a trifle ironic for an imaginary spanko. However, even imaginary spankos like real spankings.

4.Would you rather be spanked for your humiliation or for your spanker's pleasure?
Angela and I really aren't into humiliation. We spank for pleasure, primarily sexual pleasure, and for stress release.

8.Would you rather be restrained or unrestrained during your spanking?
I would rather not be restrained during a spanking. Occasional use of restraints can be fun, but they can often be cumbersome and take time to set up. With us, part of the arousal involves voluntary submitting, enduring the assault on your behind, and anticipating for more.

Actually, I've always wondered what it would be like if the person doing the spanking were restrained, but that is probably a topic for another meme.

9.Would you rather be spanked until you cried or until you are aroused?
As Alice Cooper famously once said, "I never cry." Therefore, I would have to answer that I would prefer to be spanked until I am aroused. In truth, I am typically aroused even before the spanking begins, so I would not wish the spanking to end at the point that my arousal begins, but would prefer that the spanking continue so that my arousal might be extended. No pun intended.

A corollary question to this might be, "Would you prefer that the person you are spanking cry during the spanking?" To which I would answer that I prefer someone whom I am spanking not cry. To me, crying is a sign of displeasure or discomfort, and I would not wish to spank someone who does not find such activity enjoyable. I will elaborate more on this when pondering future questions regarding discipline.

The next post will deal with spanking implements.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Question 2: Public or Private?

2. Would you rather be spanked in public or in private?
An interesting question indeed, as there is some ambiguity involved. By "public," does the questioner mean a public place where others are likely to witness the spanking, such as a sidewalk or a parking lot? Or does "public" simply refer to any place that is not behind closed doors and involves only the two individuals involved in the spanking, with minimal chance of being seen or overheard? Should one's backyard be considered "public" or "private?" What about is isolated outdoor woods? Is a spanking party considered "public" or "private," or would it depend on the size or the venue? Is a hotel room considered "private," even if the walls are thin and those in adjoining rooms would clearly be able to overhear the spanking?

Obviously, "public" and "private" are not absolute terms. In order to adequately answer the question, I should first provide my criteria upon which I base my answer.

So, for the purposes of this question, I shall define public as "any place where there is a reasonable chance of being seen or heard by others not
directly involved in the spanking." Based on this definition, a spanking in front of another couple in your living room would be considered "public." Conversely, any place where there would either no chance or only a remote chance of being witnessed would be considered private. Thus, a spanking in a remote woods would be considered private unless it was a place where people often passed by. This clarification still leaves some situations potentially unaccounted for, such as if one person were spanking several others, or two couples were playing together. However, I believe some of those instances are covered in subsequent questions, so I believe that the above definitions are sufficient.

With that groundwork laid, my answer is that I prefer to be spanked in private. While there are some interesting aspects to being spanked in front of an audience, and there some libidinousness in "hiding" in a public place such as a restroom or storage closet wh
ere there was the possibility of being caught, I would be completely mortified if someone were to inadvertantly witness a spanking between Angela and I. Indeed, it quite puts me off.

I have, on the odd occasion, participated in a spanking in which others were involved. Indeed, I have written about a some of them. However, the vast majority of the spankings between Angela and I are alone. The reason for this is quite simple and common: our spankings almost always lead to sex. If you prefer the slightly more technical term, we use spanking as foreplay. We will sometimes use spanking as aftplay, too, but that is a topic for a different discussion. We often will use the spanking to explore new forms of arousal, or we'll extend that arousal by making the spanking longer and harder than originally planned. Being alone allows us to test different sensations by using different intruments and different positions. So to be spanked whilst others witness would probably necessitate postponing the sex, which to us almost defeats the purpose of spanking in the first place.

To summarize, while I may occasionally dabble in a public spanking, I much prefer to do my spankings alone with my darling wife.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The Meme Begins ... Question One

1.Would you rather be spanked outside in a cold woodshed or inside by a cozy fire?
The cozy fire scenario is about as pleasant as it gets. However, there are many factors that add to the titillation of the woodshed. First is the cool air flowing around ones normally-covered regions, which also gives a sense of being outdoors. Second is the naughty factor, mainly that a woodshed can be considered a somewhat "public" place, in that it is not the privacy of one's own home. This leads to the possibility of being caught "en flagrante spanko." Thirdly, there are the role-playing possibilities. When one is "taken to the woodshed," it is implied that they have done something that has highly displeased the person who is taking you there. This allows the spanker to take complete charge of the situation, and the spankee to adopt one of a number of attitudes ... repentant, petulant, rebellious, etc. Woodshed spankings are always received bending over with ones pants around ones knees or ankles, perhaps draped over a sawhorse or workbench. Finally, woodshed spankings are typically harsh. They are not just a few taps that leave one's behind stinging mildly. They are good, hard spankings, dealt out with a sturdy board, a stout strap, or perhaps switches or a rod. They are meant to be remembered, so they are painful, and leave one's behind very red and sore, perhaps with some residual marks or bruises. Afterwards, the sex is fast and breathless, with both parties partially clothed. The male, be he the spanker or spankee, is probably standing, and his partner is either bent over or has her arms around her man's neck and her legs around his torso while supports her with his hands firmly holding her buttocks. Afterwards, you're both sweating and panting, so you catch your breath. You remember that there is a chill in the air, so retrieve your clothes, quickly dress, and leave the woodshed, arms around each other's waists, smiling. You exchange a kiss, and then return to what you were about prior to the incident that precipitated the trip to the woodshed.

Angela and I have played out this scenario a time or two. At our abode, we do not have a woodshed, per se, but we do have a tool shed. While it is rather small and crowded with, well, tools, a spanking can be managed with a little judicious organization. We will sometimes use the guest house and pretend that it is a woodshed. Although it lacks the atmosphere of a woodshed, it does have plenty of amenities and many of our spanking implements, so we can let our imaginations carry a spanking session to all sorts of interesting places.

We did once actually spank each other in a woodshed. When Maribel was in middle school, her class planned a camping trip at a large, local farm. We were volunteered to chaperone, so we went over the day before the trip to check on logistics. The owner of the farm was telling us where to find various items, and he noted that, if we wanted to make a camp fire, that there was wood in the woodshed. He left us to explore, and, naturally, we explored the woodshed. Much of the wood was not taken directly from a felled tree, but was rather scraps of lumber from construction projects and lumber yards. It was all cut into manageable lengths, so there were plenty of flat planks just perfect for using on round behinds. We gave each other a few good swats over our jeans, and then Angela, suppressing a giggle, said, "I told that the next time you got into trouble at school I was going to take you out to the woodshed! Now here we are!" On her orders, I proceeded to lower my drawers, place my hands on one wall, and stick out my bare butt, at which time she gave me about 25 nice, hard swats that burned very well. I stuck out my lip in a pretend pout as I pulled up my pants, but we had to postpone the breathless sex since we still have several items to work out before would leave, and we didn't wish the farmer to wonder where we were.

So I have never actually played out the above woodshed scenario. Yet. But Angela and I are always on the lookout for the appropriate structure at the appropriate time, at which time one of us will indeed be "taken to the woodshed!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Frank's Brain Un-Freezes

I must again apologize for my extended absence from this here blog. I have been very busy with physical therapy as well as working on the computer on some projects for Angela. My recovery from my butt injury and subsequent surgery has been coming along well enough, although maddeningly slow for my tastes. I can now walk pretty well with just the assistance of a cane, but it often feels like my legs are mere toothpicks that are trying to hold up a pallet full of lead bars. However, the doctors say that my progress has been better than average "for a man my age," i.e. old.

I have also been at a loss for subjects upon which to write. I haven't felt like delving into a long story, and I don't really wish to bore you with the mundane, day-to-day details of the Spanko household, especially ones that are not spanking-related. I have started several posts on spanking in general, but they did not seem to go anywhere so I have never finished them.

Then I came upon a "meme," or list of questions upon which to answer in one's blog, on the site by the lovely and talented Bonnie. It contained fifty questions exploring one's spanking preferences. Many of the questions were of the "either/or" type, such as "Who would you rather spank, Ginger or Mary Ann?" (This questions is not actually on the meme, it is just being used as an illustration). Although Bonnie's answers were interesting and enlightening, I must admit I felt that, to a certain extent, she cheated. Rather than answer "I'd rather spank Ginger," or "I'd rather spank Mary Ann," Bonnie often answered, in essence, either "both" or "neither." I felt that this was skirting the purpose of the meme, which is to thoroughly explore one's appetence toward spanking. Therefore, for this reticence, I respectfully ask Bonnie's fine and faithful husband to give her a good spanking.

By the way, if you don't know who Ginger and Mary Ann are, you are either too young or too smart to be reading this blog. Please leave now and explore something more suited to your age or intellect.

For the rest of you, I will entertain you with my answers to the afore-mentioned 50 questions. However, I, too, will cheat, at least a little. While I will attempt to answer each question, the meme has given me much food upon which to expound. Therefore, I will not attempt to answer all 50 questions in one sitting, but rather take my time and delve more deeply into why I answer as I do. This may give me fodder for 50 posts, although I will surely have questions where my answers are shorter than others, so I'll combine multiple questions in some posts.

This should give me things to write about until at least Thanksgiving if I am lucky.

Also, if you think that I should be spanked for cheating, I shall respectfully acquiesce and and request that Angela do so. I wouldn't want to disappoint my readers, who are the finest blog readers on the Internet, imaginary or otherwise.

To begin, I thought that I should respond to the query that I posed above, namely:

"Whom would you rather spank ... Ginger or Mary Ann."
I would rather spank Mary Ann. Those little denim shorts of hers were just dying to be pulled down. Mary Ann was spunky enough that she may have possibly enjoyed being spanked, and with her agricultural background, she could probably take some good swats without carrying on. Besides, Ginger was a painted bimbo who thought her ass was butter. She may have deserved a spanking, but that wasn't the question.

I shall begin the actual meme tomorrow. In the meantime, you can see the questions and read Bonnie's responses here. In addition, here a couple of other brave souls who took the time to answer.

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