Thursday, June 22, 2006


Honeymoon Spanking

I'm attending the wedding of a relative this weekend. Yes, even made up people have relatives, even though they are made up, too. So I'm going to be doing a lot of driving and, since these relatives do indeed know how to throw a soiree, likely a lot of imbibing. Unfortunately, no spanking. Oh well, life can't be perfect all the time, even for yours truly.

Whenever I go to a nuptial rite, I harken back to Angela's and my honeymoon. Due to financial and logistical concerns, we did not take a honeymoon immediately following our wedding, but rather waited until the following summer. We rented a lovely cabin in a wooded area near a lake in a small mountainous region (small mountains, not a small region). We had planned only two activities for the entire trip: spanking and loving, as much as we could fit into the alloted time. And that's pretty much all we accomplished, although we did take some time to sample some excellent local eating establishments.

The two best spankings I received during the trip were:

  • The first one. When we got there, we took our bags out of the car and proceeded to get naked as fast as we could. Angela wanted to check out the furniture in our cabin, so she took our nice shower brush and proceeded to paddle me while I was draped over pretty much every piece. Never has my butt stung so exquisitely.
  • The morning when we hiked, naked, deep into the woods at sunrise. We had wanted to perform this act late at night, but the indigenous insects made the woods pretty much uninhabitable to naked people at that time. Fortunately, the bugs were satiated by dawn. We started out with flashlights before the sun rose and took a path that we were familiar with. After hiking a sufficient distance, as the first halo of the sunrise was appearing over the horizon, I was laid across a fallen tree and given a good deal of swift, warm, utterly delicious swats with a polished wooden rod that I had made just for Angela. When I had been sufficiently chastised, my darling wife insisted on having the tables turned, and wanted me to deliver her spanking with a fresh switch from the woods. Fortunately, she had her backpack which had a small knife inside, which I used to cut a fine sapling. I proceeded to leave cute red stripes all up and down her stupendous back side while she dangled from the tree trunk, squealling and giggling. We then made love right there in the woods as the sun finished its ascent.

At this time, I shant go into the goodly number of other spankings exchanged during that week in the woods. Suffice to say, our butts were glowing red pretty much the entire time. As I remember, the ride back in the car was somewhat less than comfortable, which we hadn't considered when we planned our spanky-moon (or would it be honey-spank?). We actually had to find a store when we got back to civilization so that we could purchase pillows for sitting on during the rest of the drive.

I doubt that my soon-to-be-married relative and his lovely bride will engage in similiar recreation during their post-wedding vacation. I do hope, however, that their honeymoon is as fantastic as ours.

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