Sunday, October 15, 2006


A Fantastic Spanking, Indeed

At this moment, I am working on another of my long winded, incredibly interesting and descriptive stories. In the meantime, I should like to keep my loyal readers engaged by placing a few of my words of wisdom here. However, I seemed to be having a case of, I suppose what might be called, topic block. But then, while I was perusing some of the excellent web logs out there in cyberspace, I came across what seemed like an excellent suggestion.

The question posed was: What’s the most painful spanking that you’ve received?

In forming my response, I’ve opted to ignore the one incident that I mentioned earlier, in which Angela accidentally clipped with a nasty strap a portion of my scrotal region. That was less a spanking than a mishap. I’d prefer to relate a spanking that I received that was very hard, but a true spanking in that it was welcomed in its entirety.

It happened a number of years ago, when Maribel was still in high school. My love and I had left the children in the main house while we retired to the guest house to “do some work.” This was an arrangement that occurred with some frequency. This allowed the girls to play their teenage-heartthrob music very loudly on my very expensive and fine sounding stereo equipment while Angela and I engaged in some butt-beating activity in privacy.

I was laying over the back of a sofa, au natural, and Angela was using a short-handled bath brush to put a most pleasant warmth on my derriere. I was allowing myself to become lost in the feeling. Angela was in a playful mood, and she was making fun comments about the deepening shade of crimson on my paddled fanny. I, for the most part, was not paying attention to the comments, preferring to just enjoy her work.

Angela stepped back to take in the sight of my reddened rump. I was laying there feeling quite content, thinking of what other activities lay ahead. Angela took this opportunity to comment, “I’ll bet your girlfriend doesn’t spank you as well as I do, does she?”

I was so wrapped up in the warmth on my bottom and the stirring in my loins that her comment didn’t really register. So, I offered the usual comment that a husband makes when he is not exactly paying attention to his wife.

“Yes, I guess so,” I said.

Now, lest you think that I am some sort of cad, I feel compelled to note that I did not, nor have I ever had since I married my dearly beloved, have a girlfriend. And no one in the whole of the imaginary world spanks as well as my darling Angela. Yet, I had just absent-mindedly admitted just that. I knew that I was in big trouble.

“WHAT!” Angela exclaimed in semi-mock horror. “You’re in big trouble now, buster!” (I told you that I’d be in big trouble). “I’m really gonna beat your butt now!”

I quickly came to my senses and realized what I had blurted. While I knew that my remark was not the correct one (to say the least), I figured that Angela was still full of playfulness, so I replied to her, in my best sarcastic voice “As if you could really hurt me!”

I knew that I was now just digging myself a bigger hole, but, I figured, what was she going to do, spank me? I was already being spanked. Or so I thought.

With that smile and laugh that women always seem to use when they have been playfully insulted by their spouse, she charged me. I tried to stand, but in my vulnerable position, I was not able to become upright before she reached me. She put her hand in the middle of my back and pushed me back over the soft. The momentum carried me far enough over the sofa that I ended up with my ass up in the air and my feet off of the ground. And then Angela began using that bath brush with more vigor that I ever thought possible.

Being pinned down with my feet unable to reach the floor, I was pretty much totally helpless. Angela was assaulting my ass with all of her might. And don’t think that my wife is a weak little woman. Angela played volleyball in college, is an excellent basketball and softball player, runs regularly and is in terrific shape. My arm-strength is about average, and Angela can often defeat me in a contest of arm-wrestling. And she was an experienced, enthusiastic spanko, so she knew how to wield a paddle.

And wield it she did. I could hear the brush whoosh through the air and feel the movement of air from it. Plus, Angela was swinging as fast as she could. My rear end turned into one continuous, intense sting. I grabbed a soft cushion and held on for all of my might. Since I could generate no leverage, I deemed it useless to struggle, so I resolved to just take my spanking like a man.

Blow after blow after blow just exploded onto my ass as Angela took out her feelings at my insult. As she spanked, she made remarks like, “Am I hurting you now? Does your girlfriend spank this hard? Are you ever going to insult me again when your ass is bare and I’m holding a paddle?” To which my answers were, “YES, dear! No way, dear! Absolutely NOT dear!”

I’m not sure how long the paddling lasted, but it must have been close to ten minutes. I grunted, moaned, gritted my teeth and bit into a sofa cushion trying to endure. But endure I did. I knew that, should I express a true desire for her to cease, she would immediately. However, I refused to give her that satisfaction.

When she stopped, my backside was close to raw. I could feel a coolness from where the first layer of skin had been removed. This contrasted to other parts back there, which were absolutely on fire! When Angela released me and I made it to my feet, with a satisfied smile, I reached back to rub my crimson ass. I thought I was going to burn my hands! And yet, I was exhilarated. The pain had evolved into an exciting crackling, and I felt a rush of euphoria knowing that I had endured such a brutal assault on my bare bottom and actually enjoyed it!

Not surprisingly, it was now my turn to attack her, not with a paddle but with lust. She resisted just a little and only briefly, and then we made loud and breathless love on the floor, the details of which are best left for you to fill in.

When we retired to bed that night, Angela inspected my bruised butt. She gently washed it with soap to prevent infection, then rubbed in some aloe to soothe the burning and prevent the skin from cracking. Then I rolled over onto my back, and, while reveling in the warmth on my posteior, she climbed on top and we made love again, this time more quietly and slowly.

Overall, it was actually a most enjoyable spanking. Angela was not truly angry, and yet she punished me like I had committed the worst of crimes. I didn’t feel punished, but loved having my limits tested. It was neither the longest nor the hardest that I had ever been spanked, but it was the longest that I had been spanked in such a forceful manner. It was, in truth, a memorable afternoon. Oh, yes … it was also fantastic.

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