Friday, July 27, 2007


The Latest News On The Spanko Front

One of the criteria that I use when I list a blog in the Frank’s Faves section of the sidebar on Fantastic Spanking is that I like to see new entries added more often than once per week.

Based on that, it seems that I may have to remove my own blog from the list.

Yes, sad to say, I have not been keeping up with my writing duties. However, fear not, dear readers. It is not my plan to allow my little piece of the internet to go the way of Monty Python’s ever-popular parrot. Instead, I am intending to get off of my imaginary butt and return to my previous prodigious rate of publishing a new entry every … umm … well … let’s say more often than once per week.

Moving right along, Angela, my loving and beautiful wife, has quit her job. We were discussing the family financial picture and it seems that we are not completely broke. For the past 12 years, most of Angela’s income, that which she didn’t spend on clothes, has gone towards two things: paying our ridiculously high mortgage payment and saving for a college education for our two wonderful daughters. As luck would have it, Maribel has been on scholarship due to her skills on the basketball court. So we have been saving for two sets of tuition, but will only be on the hook for one. Therefore, I believe that we have saved enough to send Colette to the college of her choice, unless she wishes to attend an institution such as Yale, in which case she had best start quickly picking up Maribel’s athletic prowess.

Angela has what her doctor refers to as a “fucked up back.” The doctor insists this diagnosis is contained in the DSM IV, although I have not been able to find it. Irregardless, Angela finds it excruciatingly painful to sit in your basic office chair for 40 hours plus a week. Throw in an hour or so behind the wheel for her commute and her “fucked up back” protests most vehemently. My darling had discussed converting to a part-time employee. Her employer balked at first, then realized that he would be seriously handicapped if he lost her altogether. However, after seeing the paltry compensation package that he had offered Angela to stay on, Angela told her employer that she could make almost as much money doing something that she actually enjoyed. Her employer basically told her to take it or leave it.

Angela left it.

I have never seen her happier, at least since our youngest daughter was born.

So now Angela is looking for that perfect job and undergoing intensive therapy to relieve “fucked up back.” She has also informed me that she is planning a vacation, although she will not even give me a clue of where she would like to go. Finally, she has promised, since I work from home, once the girls are back at school, daily spankings.

Never has the coming of fall looked so good to me. Daily spankings? What can I say to that, except …….. Fantastic!

I highly recommend daily spankings! Congratulations! I hope Angela gets some relief for her back--been there, done that, no fun.
I hope her back feels better fast..!

Take care,
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