Friday, February 26, 2010


Frank Discusses Statistics

Last week, Bonnie Burns, the Earnest Hemingway of the spanko world and author of My Bottom Smarts, published a poll asking her readers to describe their spanko orientation. The answers were basically broken down into male/female, straight/gay/bisexual, and spanker/spankee/switch. The results thus far of the poll can be found here .

I have always been something of a numbers person. I enjoy breaking down polls and statistics. This might seem strange to some, since one might expect an imaginary spanko to prefer imaginary numbers. But no matter. I have analyzed some of the results to Bonnie's poll and found some interesting items.

First, of the 366 respondents, 232 or about 65% identified themselves as male, 133 as female, and one as a platypus. For the sake of accuracy, I have disqualified the response of the platypus. Of the males, 50% identified said that they get spanked, either a spankee or a switch. For the ladies, just 22 of 132, or 17%, categorized themselves as women who spank, i.e. spanker or switch. 83% of women said that they ONLY receive spankings, they never dish them out.

While this poll was certainly not scientific, these results were, nonetheless, fascinating, although not quite fantastic. If half of all male spankos get spanked, but only one sixth of women spank them, that can only lead to one conclusion:

Women who like to spank men do not like to respond to Bonnie's polls.

I thought that perhaps there were a fair number of men who, due to situations beyond their control, only received their spankings from themse
lves, i.e. they were self-spankers. However, I could not determine if such a person would answer that they were spanker, spankee, or a switch, so I discounted that notion all together.

I'm sure that some may try to develop other theories as to where the discrepancy between male spankees and female spankers lie. You might think that women who spank men aren't as likely to spend their spare time reading about spanking on the internet. Perhaps these women aren't as dedicated to the general spanking lifestyle as men, but rather spank their men because their men ask them to. Perhaps many men wish to be spanked but currently do not have a partner who can spank them.

It is also possible that those 22 women who spank are spanking all 116 men who wish to be spanked. Those would certainly be very busy women, indeed.

I could attempt to post my own poll to try to obtain more information that might explain the difference. However, since I am an imaginary spanko, it seems much more logical that I should simply invent my own reasons.

For me, fortunately, I have one woman whom I spanks, and that same woman is more than happy to spank me. I don't need any analysis to interpret that statistic. I just categorize it as fantastic.

Hi Frank,

I asked myself many of the same questions. The central issue is how closely MBS readers reflect the larger community. I suspect they tend to lean somewhat toward straight M/F spanking enthusiasts, but that doesn't explain the wealth of male spankees.

I have posted similar polls in the past with comparable results. I figure the better I know my audience, the more likely I will be to select content they like.

Have a great (virtual) weekend!
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