Wednesday, March 10, 2010


More Meme Of A Theme

Today, I will address two of the last questions from the long spanking meme that I began sometime in the Clinton administration.

48. Would you rather be spanked exclusively on your bottom or other places could be interesting too?
Bottoms were made for spanking. They are the correct size, shape, and location. The human tush is also one of the major erogenous zones. So, for those of us where spanking is part of our sexuality, the multiple sensations to the gluteous maximus that come from a spanking is most welcome.

Angela and I almost exclusively restrict the locations on each other that we spank to the buttocks. If we are having a particularly intense spanking session, we might work our way down to the top of the thighs. If one is in a place where they are looking for a more vividly painful experience after one's bottom has been well punished, spanking the thighs can provide a quite exquisite sensation.

I have never tried being spanked on the hands, feet, nipples, genitals, or other spots that some might considered spankable, nor do I wish to.

49.Would you rather a spanking be a surprise or be something you have to look
forward to?
For the most part, in a spanking relationship, I'm not sure that any spanking is truly a surprise. For the spankee, you know that you're going to be spanked eventually. You just may not know when. In my case, I look forward to all spankings, whether or not I know when I am going to get them. That being said, it is always pleasant when Angela expresses a desire to spank me, then sets the time for that spanking somewhere in the future. The anticipation is always delicious. Indeed, in the past, I may not have been in a spanking mood, but then Angela will mention that she'd like to redden my rump later that day. I always have to choice to turn down the spanking when the time comes. Usually, however, as I consider what is to occur and the pleasure that it usually brings, my mood changes and, by the time the appointed hour has arrived, my bottom is plenty ready for whatever she has planned.

In addition, jointly planning a spanking is also something that Angela and I enjoy doing. We have been known to sit down in the morning and discuss when the spankings will take place, what implements will be used, what positions will be employed, etc. We will frequently allow some part of the spanking to be decided by random choice. For example, we might choose four implements, then using a standard deck of cards, assign each implement to one suits in the deck. Then we will draw cards. We might also let the cards determine how many spankings someone will get, such as one must keep drawing and being spanked until they have drawn at least one card in each suit. We might also set up a scenario for spanking, and then use the results of the roleplaying to determine the type and severity of the spankings. In this fashion we have had times where we've maybe there were only one or two spankings given, and others where the spanking session lasted multiple hours or even days.

Finally, since we have had children for the past 24 years, it has not really been feasible for one of us to say to the other, "I'm going to spank you right now!" Instead we have needed to have some foresight as to an opportunity when would have some time to ourselves, perhaps when the children were at school, or had gone to play with friends. As I'm sure many of you will attest, this can be frustrating at times, but when opportunity is then found to engage in some spanking activity, the fun seems extra satisfying.

Therefore, indeed, I like spankings to be something that I can look forward to, and I look forward to all spankings.

The final question sums up ones approach to their whole spanking existance, and, as such, will require a post of its own for me to address.

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