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The Tutor, Fifth and Final Installment

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What follows in the conclusion of the punishment of my recalcitrant student, and her repentence.

Peggy’s butt had turned a much deeper shade of red. There was some slight puffiness, which meant that the results of this spanking would be with her for a while. I sent her back to the corner, knowing that when she sat on the little stool, she would experience some discomfort. I watched her as she carefully made her way to the corner. She looked very cute and contrite, wearing only a school t-shirt that hung just to her waist, framing her fiery-red bottom nicely.

I disappeared into my spare bedroom, allowing her to be alone with her thoughts. I was planning on one more round of swats to her bare posterior, nice and hard. I figured that would be enough to remember this evening for quite a while, or at least for as long as she could feel the pain in her fanny. I hoped that next time I would see her, the seat of her pants would still be a little achy.

I returned to my living room, and felt like drawing the final sequence out a bit. “Does you butt hurt sitting on that stool?” I asked.

“Yes, sir,” she responded.

“Good. Now, this will be your final paddling,” I told her, “but it is going to be the hardest one yet. I’m going to give you twenty whacks. I’m going to be strict with you this time. If you don’t hold your position, I’m going to award you an additional whack. And I want you to count each one. If you forget to count or give the wrong number, you’ll get another whack. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she said again.

“All right. Now get back over here and bend over the chair, and get ready for your butt to be seriously sore.”

Over she came, and over she bent. But, abruptly, she stood up again.

“Wait,” she said before I could ask what she was doing. “There’s something I need to do before you spank me.” To my great surprise, she began to remove her t-shirt.

I quickly stopped her. “I’m not doing this so that I can sleep with you or anything like that,” I told her, angrily.

“I know,” she responded. “I never thought you were. The fact that you’ve been tutoring me for the better part of six months and haven’t made a move on me says that you’re a professional.” In fact, I hadn’t made a move on her because I wasn’t really very good at that sort of thing, and she had played a major role in my active fantasy life at the time. Of course, I didn’t tell her that.

She continued. “Part of any punishment is an element of shame. I’m ashamed at how I’ve treated you, and with my grades. So, nothing is more shameful than being naked while having to submit to someone in authority so that they can punish you. I need to do this.”

As I said, this girl was smart. I considered. “Please?” she begged. If she felt that removing the remainder of her clothing wound enhance the effectiveness of her spanking, who was I to refuse. I consented, and her t-shirt and bra were discarded.

Peggy was now completely nude. I tried to ignore the fact that her body was nearly perfect, and that this exact picture had pervaded my dirty thoughts numerous times since I had first met her. However, she thought that I acted professional, so I was determined to do so. She took a couple of deep breaths, then stepped up to the chair and, one final time, she bent over. “And I’m going to make sure that you don’t have to give me any extra whacks,” she said.

“Let’s hope not,” I told her.

I needn’t describe what next took place. I needn’t, but I shall, because I am, after all, a spanko, and you are, after all, reading this because you like to read about spanking.

I reminded her to count. Then I tried to judge just how hard I should swing. I wanted these to be hard swats, and I didn’t mind leaving a few bruises. I did not, however, want to do any serious damage, or to push her beyond her limits. Since paddles don’t exactly come with power gauges, I made my best guess and let her have it.

“One!” she cried as my paddle made contact with her rump. I saw her knees buckle slightly, but she held her position admirably. I brought my paddle down again, and got a resounding “Two!” as a result. She rose up on her toes, which just caused me to have a better path to her butt with my paddle. I hit her again.

“Three!” she said, now clearly in discomfort. I decided that I was using appropriate force, and so continued the paddling thusly. She kept the count accurately, although her voice was beginning to rise in pitch as the pain built. I did not stop after the fifth swat, but continued spanking in a regular cadence, which I think surprised her somewhat, but she stayed down and kept counting. I knew that she was correct in predicting that I would not need to give her any extra swats. I think, for the first time in her life, she was actually taking responsibility for her actions.

While I had begun to admire her attitude and her endurance, I was determined to show no mercy. I methodically kept up the final assault on her bare backside. I could hear the strain in her voice as she kept count, but she never made a mistake. I took my time, not going very fast but not giving her much time to recover in between swats. Her butt continued to get darker and darker, a very angry red that was clearly searing every inch of that very nice but very deserving posterior.

At ten I paused very briefly to take a deep breath. “Ten more to go,” I said to her. “Yes, sir,” she responded through clenched teeth. One final time I resumed paddling, intending to finish her punishment with a last set of good, hard spanks. Peggy elicited several cries and grunts as I made sure each swat was very, very painful. In trying to ease the pain, she would shake her hips, as if she was shaking off water cascading down her back.

I paused again before the final swat. “Just one more to go,” I said to her. “I think this one should be the hardest one you’ve taken. Because of that, I’m going to remove the no standing and rubbing rules. Since this is the last whack, and you’ve behaved yourself admirably, and because you seem to be actually learning a lesson, and because this swat is going to be especially hard, you deserve to be able to have some release. Is that fair?”

“Yes, sir,” she responded again. “Just make sure this last one is one to remember.”

I obliged her. I brought the paddle up head high, and allowed it’s momentum to send the board flying towards her naked, defenseless, and very sore hindquarters. At the last instant before contact, I snapped my wrist forward. The paddle cracked her ass excellently, and she leaped up and tightly grabbed her cheeks with both hands. “Twenty!” she shouted as she jumped around, trying to douse the flames on her backside. I let her jump around a little more, and rub herself rapidly. It was a pleasant sight. When she stopped rubbing, I sent her back to the corner for a final bit of contemplation. “If you want, you can stand in the corner if sitting hurts too much,” I told her.

She opted for standing, while doing a little more butt rubbing. I would have been happy to handle the rubbing for her, but that would have been ungentlemanly. While she finished her exile, I want into my bedroom and grabbed a bathrobe, then went in to the kitchen and filled a plastic bag with ice. I took them both to Peggy.

As she turned around, her eyes were red and I could see some tears starting, but she was not sobbing. “Put this bathrobe on and go into the bedroom,” I told her. “Lay down on the bed, face down, and put this ice bag on your butt for about 15 minutes. That will help ease the bruising. When you get back to your room, rub some lotion into your fanny so the skin doesn’t get too dry.” Peggy smiled and took the robe and ice, thankfully, and scurried off.

While she was recovering, I gathered her clothes and folded them into a neat pile. I set them on the sofa and went back to the kitchen, where I opened the fridge, took out a beer, and downed it in two swigs. I was earnestly hoping that she would not become amorous, as I did not think that I would have the resolve to resist any sexual advance.

Fortunately, there were none. After the allotted time, I delivered her clothes to her. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, although the ice bag was still beneath her seat. When I took it from her, I was slightly surprised to see that the ice had not completely melted.

After she had dressed and composed herself, she came out. “Thank-you,” she said. “You always know what I need.”

“You’re welcome,” I responded. “One more thing. As far as I’m concerned, this little episode is resolved. I will hold none of your previous transgressions against you, nor will I suggest spanking you again. If you wish that this spanking never be spoken of again, that is all right with me. Now, when do you want me to start tutoring again?”

“Sunday, if that is okay,” she replied. “I’ll start catching up on my reading on Saturday and gather all my assignments. Then we can go over all of them to see what I need to work on first and if I need help on anything.” It sounded like she was getting back to good habits already.

Peggy started to leave, but then turned back and came up to me. She gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. I could see the tears again. She left quickly and headed back to her dorm room.

I watched her go, and then I got myself another beer. I sat down in the chair that Peggy had so recently been bending over to reflect. It seemed right, that I had chosen to spank her. She really did seem like she would get serious about her studies. I was certain that she could bring her grades up to satisfactory levels.

I was also amazed that I had just had a naked, pretty, 20-year-old woman in my little, rented house, whom I had just spanked, and yet I hadn’t slept with her. That also felt right, although the hormonal parts of me would occasionally regret that during my impending sexual dry spell. I smiled to myself. If she succeeded in her classes, I could take satisfaction in setting her onto a better path. If she failed, I could take satisfaction in having spanked her. To me, that would be more than enough.

Fear not, dear readers. Shortly, I shall pass along to you whether or not Peggy actually did improve her grades, as well as a brief description of our last meeting.

Enjoyed this very much Frank.

b/adam/cain~~bottoms Up!

"The Nude Valedictorian"
(My final spanking story at Blogspot)

All the best to you.
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